Friday, 20 August 2010

From Boston to Montreal...

Hello again!

We are now in Montreal, where internet in our hostel is free (hoorah!) so despite my self induced jet-lag (why again was it that we chose to get a 7 hour overnight bus from Boston? To save on a night's accommodation? More like to "save" a night's sleep...ho hum) Anyway, Boston was very hot and very educational! We particularly enjoyed the part where a tour guide got really enthusiastic at us (just us, she accosted us, she was mental) about how "we" beat the British good n proper in the war of independence (anyone else know it all took place in and around Boston?)...we then informed her that we were in fact the enemy, and she thought that was just hilarious. To be fair, so did we, but after 15 minutes of her over-sharing at us about her life, her job, her dog, we decided it was time to escape "loopy Lauren" and carry on exploring...and that we did : ) Went to Harvard, which was exciting, learned to navigate the metro system, got trampled a few times by Red Sox fans flooding out of Fenway Park stadium, which was right by our hostel, so we went on a tour of that, which was really interesting too. We still have no idea how baseball works, but they sure are keen on it and all the history kind of made us wish that we were as well...
Anyway, Boston was like an old pal by the time we departed, but now we're onto a new city and a new hostel (oh, what joy...) I kid you not, swing a cat in our new room (which would be tricky), and you're guaranteed to hit a Frenchman. A room for 6 people, and it's me, and 5 guys: four French and one Chris! Sacre Bleu! Hope none of them snore...As for where the hostel itself is, swing a cat and you're guaranteed to hit a sex shop...excellent. But it's actually a fine area, and another interesting city: a bit randomly put together at first glance, but we went on an epic bus tour and really took it all in. An AMAZING church on a hill, some cool apartments where every room in every house is a cube, and they're all piled on top of each other (Chris said I had to include that bit, was obviously his favourite bit in between snoozes, of which he tried to fend off many!) and a fantastic little street full of great little galleries (my favourite bit!)
So tomorrow we will explore further- off to the Olympic Stadium, which looks pretty spectacular...I now REALLY must sleep, as have had about 3 hours of rubbish sleep in 48 hours, and believe me, it ain't a pretty sight! Just as we finally got comfortable on that bloody coach we and our luggage were unceremoniously hauled out to be checked at the Canadian Border. Chris declared the sandwiches in his bag and I lied that I had a job ; )
Until the next time folks! xEx

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Greetings from Boston!

So, we've arrived! First leg of our epic journey was a little unsettling when at Heathrow we were sent to the "Flight Management" section because the flight was over-booked and we had no seats...but all was rosy when we were upgraded out of economy- woop woop! So it was big comfy seats, lots of leg room (including a footstool, my personal favourite bit!), individual screens with loads of movies, music and games, and copious amounts of food to keep us happy on the 7 hour flight : )  Not sure we can ever fly economy again, we've been spoiled on the first journey!
Getting to our hostel was a bit of a palava, as I suppose it always is when you rock up to a new place and take public transport. But we figured out their metro system, walked waaaaay further than we needed to...then discovered they'd totally messed up our booking for the second time (long story) so we spent the night just us in a ramshackle room, but have got ourselves a free night out of it, so not all bad. Slightly apprehensive about actually doing the sharing thing the next 2 nights, think earplugs might be needed...
Anyway, all is well, just about to head out to explore Boston in the daylight (of which there seems to be copious amounts- did anyone else know the sky is meant to be blue???!!!!)
Lots of love to all!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Just one more sleep...!

So, here's the first of (hopefully!) many updates on our Travel Blog, charting the progress and adventures of our round the world trip : ) We'll be posting all our photos onto our Flickr account, the link to which is  which was kindly created for us by the lovely Cat!
Only one more sleep until we head off to Boston, USA. Still doesn't seem like we're really going, or that we'll be gone as long as a year, but hey ho, I'm sure we'll get used to it! Chris has packed his neat wee bag already: my stuff is still looking at me from on TOP of the bag, but hasn't quite made it INTO the bag times.
Well, I guess that'll be all for now, I'll sign off from sunny (ish) Balham, and rejoin once we're in sunny Boston...we will miss you all very much, but will be keeping in touch! Love Oggy x