Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Sorry to rub your noses in it folks, but all I can say about Fiji is that it's absolute paradise!!!

As we pulled up to our island resort in the boat,we couldn't believe our eyes: a tropical paradise for only 14 pounds per night, with a welcome band serenading us to the shore...we immediately decided to book an extra night here at the Octopus resort, and a total of 9 days in Fiji instead of the 6 we had planned...heaven!

There's 3 meals a day, lots of activities if you want to do more than loll about on the beach, and lots of lovely people...the tan is coming along nicely and the Fijiian massage this morning was amazing...

Sorry about that! Will have to sign off now as time is up, back to the sun lounger to read my book ; ) Lots of love to you all from the future (we'renow 12 hours ahead of you, it gets a little confusuing!!!) xEx

Friday, 10 September 2010

Celebrity Spotting!

WELL, clearly the most exciting part of the trip so far (not really of course, but y'know...) was slagging off David Beckham's pimped up Land Rover while it was sitting at the lights we were crossing near the supermarket in Santa Monica (LA)...of course we didn't realise it was him and his kids as we (well, CHRIS) slagged off the pimped up wheels etc, but it sure was a hoot when it dawned on us! Chris was like, "how come such a young guy trying to look so cool in his stupid car has got a bunch of kids in car seats in the back?", and then, as I looked into the eyes of young Romeo in the front seat, it dawned on me, and replied, "because he's David Beckham?" AAAAaaaargh! But by that point we'd fully crossed over and all the windows on the other side were up and were blacked that's our L.A celebrity sighting, and we weren't even mooching about near the Hollywood sign (where of COURSE all the celebs just loiter), so that was exciting!

We're off to ride the big rollercoasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain tomorrow, so let's see whether Christopher can keep his breakfast down ; )

Apparently not much internet in Fiji (or it's expensive and we'd need need to sell the only kidney that's left over from Vegas) so cheerio for now, and will let you know how we get on in tropical paradise when i can...ho hum, what a hard life! xxx

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Internet! At LAST!!!

RIGHT!!! So we've just arrived into Santa Barbara on the West Coast of California, and have finally figured out that there's usually free internet access in the public libraries...and this one is a real treat: an hour of free internet and no homeless people...San Francisco's library was a real "treat", and only 15 minutes allowed, so the poor blog had to be neglected once again : (
I now have 20 minutes left to quickly bash out what we've been up to, which is a LOT seeing as the last time I wrote anything we were still in Canada: oh how we regret not bringing the netbook...a lesson we have learned the hard way!!! In Las Vegas we practically had to sell a kidney for 10 minutes of internet, in which time one can get NOTHING done except have a small breakdown : /
So we flew to Vegas, which was a very hot (104 degrees) and surreal, then picked up our swanky Dodge and have been driving through Nevada/California ever since. There have been many crazy winding roads through spectacular landscapes (forests, mountains, deserts) so I am now fully trained up for my Rally driving career! The driving here is pretty easy, but Chris's spectacular call to pay the money for a Sat Nav has definitely saved us (and I'm sure, our relationship!!!) But the Americans drive like absolute nutters, so I have adopted the mantra of If you can't beat'em...let them bloomin well PASS!!! But anyway, there's not enough time right here to go into all the odd things we've noticed about America and its inhabitants, but they are basically crazy, nuff said ; )
We're all good though, having fun, seeing lots of cool stuff : ) Photos will hopefully be up soon, but it has proven a total nightmare to get them online, especially as there are loads of 'em.
Randomly we are being plagued by bouts of fog and sea mist!?! The CN tower in Toronto was a no go due to fog, the Golden Gate Bridge was totally covered in fog the day we cycled across it, yet had been totally there the day before (!?) and now we have just driven down the famous Highway 1 to admire the stunning coastline, only to have it all shrouded in the dreaded sea mists....are we cursed or something????!!! ho hum...the dreary weather is pretty similar to summer back home, so we're slightly unimpressed!!! Especially as the tan I've finally managed to acquire now looks rather like a bad orange fake tan in this grey light!!!!
Anyway, the time is ticking down so I'll load this all up, and then go and see to Chris, who seems to be having some kind of nervous breakdown on the other computer: as usual there are obscenities leaving his mouth in the presence of children...
Cheerio!!! Will hopefully update y'all again soon!!! Lots of love xEx